Paul Downey leads the way in the Golfer of the Year points table

There are only five Saturday competitions and three Thursday Opens remaining in this golfing season.

These are the competitions, which count in the golfer of The Year points table.

After the Mervyn Guy Memorial, 24th August, there were 30 players with more than 400 points in the golfer of The Year.

The winner of the title of Golfer of The Year will certainly come from one of these.

The current Top 30 are as follows:

Paul Downey 755 points; Philip Mallon 740; Jonathan Brush 718;

Albert Morrison 680; Andrew Quinn 658; Callum Barnes 628; Patrick Magennis 587;

Brian Boyd 584; Colin McKinney 565; William Malcolmson 565; Terry Malcolmson 555; Luke Woods 507; Rory Madeley 504;

John J. Lennon 502; Mark McCullough 491; Kerry McCluskey 490; Declan Dooher 488;

Gary McCartney 487; Eugene Weir 469; Eamon Galloway 451; Seamus Rooney 444; Joshua Crory 436; Michael Beattie 431;

Cathal O’Neill 423; Glenn Buchanan 420; Nigel Bryson 417; William Horner 416; Paul McCullough 415; Jonathan Ward 415 and Damian Weir 405.

As a matter of interest, if the Thursday Opens did not count, the leader would be Rory Madeley.

But they do count and, if it is your ambition to win the title, you have got to play in all the counting competitions.

It is going to be interesting to see who comes out on top.