Dunbarton create history as they take two titles at finals

Saturday August 3 was another historic day for Dunbarton Bowling Club as the club managed to pick up the Private Greens Fours, Private Greens Triples and two runners up trophies in the Pairs and U18 Singles.

Take a bow David Copeland, Conor McCartan and DJ Wilson in the triples and brothers Sean, Chris and Martin Trainor along with skip Michael Merritt in the fours.

Brothers Sean, Chris and Martin Trainor, along with skip Michael Merritt were full of confidence faced the very tough Belmont rink of Simon Cavan, Terry Crawford, Robin Horner and Stuart Bennett. The locals started well by scoring four shots over the first two ends only to ruin this with the loss of a count of six on the third end.

Skip Michael ably supported by his front three led by three shots with three ends remaining. End 19 however looked to be a horrible end for the Gilford men as their rivals produced a number of good deliveries and lay five, possibly six shots with one bowl remaining.

Michael produced a stunning delivery to turn the jack for shot and a three shot lead with 2 ends remaining. The penultimate end was cagey and the Belmont four scored a single to leave the scores at 16-14 in favour of Michael’s men.

With many bowls to rest on, the Gilford skip played a yard of weight resting out the second shot to change the match lie in favour of the Dunbarton rink! Whilst he was close to his target, Bennett did not play enough weight and dipped inside the jack, leaving Michael’s four to declare the head as they were convinced that they held second shot and with that the Private Greens Fours trophy.

The Belmont four requested a measure, however as expected the umpire turned out the Dunbarton white stickered bowl as second shot and joyous scenes erupted.