Double win for Wilkinson as Wheelers do two TTs

LAST Tuesday night 32 riders - 26 of them Wheelers - turned up to take part in a 10 mile TT on their road bikes.

Four Wheelers did not start and two did it on their TT bikes.

The event was on the Castlewellan Road and race secretary Clive was delighted at the turnout.

Although the gear was different the winner was still the same as P. Wilkinson won in a time of 25.16 which wasn’t bad as there was a stiff breeze to the turn.

In second place again was C.Adamson with a 26.27, D.Lynas was third with a 26.48, M.Alexander was fourth with 26.43 and D.Cartmill was fifth with a 26.59.

There were no otherlub riders in the 26s but there was some very good battles going on and being on the road bikes made it a very interesting TT with the riders all wanting this to be an annual event.

With so many riders so close all interest then turned to Thursday night, the last TT of the year - a five mile TT on the Lurgan Road.

With this being the shortest of the TTs this was going to be a close run event.

And what a good night’s racing it was! P.Wilkinson’s 11.20 was the fastest of the night a very good effort going into a headwind to the turn.

In second with a 11.48 was D.Lynas - as he gets faster with every race he is one to watch out for next year.

In third place and a very happy man with a 11.52 was the oud man himself, C.Adamson. He says he’s not done yet.

These were the only three to get into the 11 minute target but they had six to eight in the 12 minute target including first year riders K.Wells and A.McCourt, with Matt.McKinstry just missing out by a couple of seconds.

This has been a very good year for the Wheelers to get the numbers they did in the last couple of races shows how they have come on. Usually they get five or six in the fives so they have a lot to look forward to with a good bit of hard work.

They have to thank all who were involved and will do so in the last report of the year after the hillclimb this week.

Clive says he expects most riders to take a few weeks off before it starts up again.

Once again the club appeals to anyone interested in joining a club to get in touch via There will be runs to suit everyone.

The club runs will start up again in October with ther usual 16mph runs with a tea stop but will get faster and longer and harder as theystart to build it up with next;s years racing in mind.

30-Aug-2012, 5TT Lurgan Road, Ronnie Russel Shield: P Wilkinson, 11.20, WDW; D Lynas, 11.48, WDW, C Adamson, 11.52, WDW; M Alexander, 12.22, WDW; D Cartmill, 12.30, WDW; D Gordon, 12.33, WDW; J Daly, 12.41, WDW; A Priestley, 12.48, WDW; A McCourt, 12.55, WDW; S Bloomer, 12.58, WDW; K Wells, 12.59, WDW; M McKinstry, 13.01, WDW; P McKinstry, 13.05, WDW; J Cromie, 13.05, WDW; S Keery, 13.20, WDW; S Cantley (U14), 15.15, WDW; D Cantley (L), 25.25, WDW

28-Aug-2012 - Back to Basics 10TT, No Aero Gear - Castlewellan Road - Maxwell Shield: P Wilkinson, Road Bike, 25.16, WDW; C Adamson, Road Bike, 26.27, WDW; M Alexander, Road Bike, 26.43, WDW; D Lynas, Road Bike, 26.48;,WDW; D Cartmill, Road Bike, 26.59, WDW; A Prestley, Road Bike, 27.25, WDW; A McCourt, Road Bike, 27.26, WDW; M McKinstry, Road Bike, 27.52, WDW; S Keery, Road Bike, 28.15, WDW; K Wells, Road Bike, 28.18; WDW; J Prestley (U14), Road Bike, 28.49, WDW; S Bloomer, Road Bike, 29.08, WDW; J Cromie, Road Bike, 29.11, WDW; P McKinstry, Road Bike, 29.29, WDW; S Cantley (U 14), Road Bike, 31.11, WDW; D Cantley (L), Road Bike, 32.32, WDW; S Dunlop (U14), Road Bike, 33.24, WDW.

Time Trial Bike and Kit: P Savage, TT Bike, 23.56, WDW; P McManus, TT Bike, 24.18, WDW.

Guests: M McAnulty, Road Bike, 26.02, DCC; J Clyde, Road Bike, 26.36, DCC; B Doyle, Road Bike, 27.10, DCC; N McCartan, Road Bike, 27.20, Dromore; N Seffen, Road Bike, 27.21, Harps CC; C McKee, Road Bike, 28.22, DCC.

Time Trial Bike and Kit: G McCann, TT Bike, 26.39, Apollo; A McCann, TT Bike, 29.08, Apollo