Clay pigeon shooting draws to a close at Rathfriland

Noel Carson pictured with Rachael Ervine.
Noel Carson pictured with Rachael Ervine.

Rathfriland Clay Pigeon Club brought its summer season of shooting to a close with the most recent 20-bird DTL, held Thursday, 29 August.

Decent weather made for an impressive turnout; the club seeing a total of ten lines shot, in a night which included a welcome return to the club for Ballyvea shooter Mark McConnell, briefly home from his travels in Australia.

The ten lines saw a total of three shooters make the final; Geoff Dale stormed his way to yet another 20/60 score, and was soon joined by fellow Rathfriland regulars Noel Carson and William Robinson.

With light fading fast, it was veteran shooter Noel Carson who came away with the win; Noel’s experience paid off as he showed more of the fantastic effort that has become something of a regular at Rathfriland this summer. Final places were as follows;

1st, Noel Carson; 2nd, Geoff Dale; 3rd, William Robinson.

The club would like to thank the shooters for their continuous attendance over the summer.

With so many different clubs, and events in the area, to run weekly 20-bird events, and consistently record up to ten lines each night is no mean feat, and the support is greatly appreciated.

The club would also like to announce an additional 20-bird DTL event, to be held Saturday, 14 September.

Shooting will commence from 11.30am, and will provide some ideal practice before the beginning of the official 100-bird season.

All shooters are welcome, and refreshments will be available.