All of this week’s sweep results from Banbridge

SUNDAY 25TH AUGUST: Graham Shannon was delighted to win the Sunday Sweep for the second time this year. But he wasn’t the biggest winner. That was Brian Knox who collected a 3-week rollover in the 2’s.

1st- Graham Shannon (21) Nett 27.5; 2nd- John Doran (15) Nett 29.5; 3rd- Kenny Baines (17) Nett 30.5.

MONDAY 26TH AUGUST: Stehen Downey didn’t start off too well in the Bank Holiday Medal but he hit 8 pars in a row from the 7th hole and that transformed his card, big time. He finished up winning by five points.

Gavin Greer (18) and Gary McConville (12) both deserve a mention. They had 39 points each, one point outside the prize list.

1st- Stephen Downey (23) 45 points; 2nd- Matthew Savage (19) 40; 3rd, Albert Morrison (19) 40. Best Gross: Jonathan Ward (5) 69.

WEDNESDAY 28TH AUGUST: The juvenile members of the golf club were playing for prizes generously provided by the president, John Parkes.

The big winners were Jonathan Brush and Patrick McNiff.

WHITE BLOCKS: 1ST- Jonathan Brush (7) Nett 63; 2nd- Cameron Allison (19) Nett 66; 3rd- Gary McConville (12) Nett 67; 4th- Rory McMullan (17) Nett 67.

YELLOW BLOCKS: 1st- Patrick McNiff (22) 45; 2nd- Joshua Reain (25) 42; 3rd- Matthew Doyle (24) 41; 4th- Rory McNiff (31) 40.

THURSDAY 29TH AUGUST: Jonathan Shannon went round in level par 69 and he won the Open stableford last Thursday. Jonathan’s handicap was reduced from 5 to 4 and that pleased him no end.

1st- Jonathan Shannon (5) 41; 2nd- John McClean (visitor) 39; 3rd- Martin Devek (21) 39. Best Gross: Bill McCandless (6) 74.