A poor week for Hilden B with heavy losses to Castleton and Mossley


HILDEN B 60 (0)

HILDEN B failed to get a point for the second time inside a week when they lost by 41 shots away to Castleton B in Private Greens Junior Two.

Robin Campbell came close to getting a point when he led 15-14 going into the last end but dropped two shots.

Gary Finlay was involved in a close game but lost by five shots, but Max McClean lost by 17 shots and Hugh Murray by 18 shots.

MOSSLEY B 95 (7)

HILDEN B 52 (0)

HILDEN B could have snatched a point from the Private Greens Junior Tow game at Mossley B on Tuesday night, but they failed to take a point and lost by 43 shots.

Gary Finlay came back to lead 15-11 but lost by two shots at the last end, while Hugh Murray was level 12-12 at one stage but dropped 12 shots without reply.

Max McClean lost by 13 shots and Robin Campbell by 16 shots.