Inst are hit for six as Banbridge Academy U14’s run riot at RBAI

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Instonians 0

Banbridge Academy 6

It was a strong performance throughout the match by Banbridge Academy as they retained a clean sheet with an impressive score of 6-0, ending up triumphant to Inst.

There were especially strong performances from John Scott, Harry Lockhart and Mark Barlow.

With a strong start, Banbridge Academy gained an early goal from Ross Scott which was taken as a rebound from a accurate shot from Harry Lockhart.

With an early goal behind them, Banbridge were then in control of the game with most of the possession being from their side.

Resultantly, little play broke through the defence.

However, when it occasionally did, the forwards were swiftly stopped in their tracks by Ryan Simms, Charlie Glover, Harry Farson and John Scott.

Consequently, the next two goals came close together.

The first one of these being received from a short corner in which was won by an immaculate drag flick from Mark Barlow.

The second goal came from a series of amazing passes down the right hand side which led to a tremendous shot from Harry Lockhart that was an indescribable open-sided shot just hitting the inside of the post above the backboard and in.

The second half was equally strong with the defence still holding great pressure on the Ints forwards.

John Scott made a number of interceptions and tackles which summed up to an immense performance from him.

Subsequently, the midfield and forwards were reinforced by a powerful defence, therefore gaining another great goal in to the bottom left, open side by Mark Barlow.

After that, the fluid passing throughout the team caused a refined finish of a reverse in to the bottom left, once again from Mark Barlow.

Finally chances made by midfield (Harry Lockhart, Harry Farson, Oren Shimmons and Mark Barlow) another goal was put in the back of the net when stable slips were given from Ryan Sims to Josh McAdam and a secure finish from Phillip Cambell to end the game.

A great result to give confidence yet another positive boost ahead of next weeks rematch against Bangor.

It should be interesting.