THIS shocking YouTube footage shows a young person, claimed to be a girl of 15, dicing with death as she sits on the roof of a speeding car in a local town.

The posting on the website says the clip shows two 15-year-old girls in a car in the Square in Rathfriland.

The website also claims to show cars racing around the Square, pulling handbreak turns around corners while other young people capture the potentially lethal act on their mobile phones.

A simple search on the website shows a number of videos of cars in the town doing dangerous stunts.

It is not the first time that dangerous driving in the district has been exposed on the site.

Last year the Leader reported on a video showing a Honda Civic Type R racing up the carriageway, reaching speeds of 120mph.

A police spokesperson encouraged people who saw these incidents as they happened to get in contact with the PSNI.

"We do not monitor Internet sites on a day-to-day basis. However we will take appropriate action when we receive complaints of criminal offences that occur within our jurisdiction," the spokesman said.

"In this instance, police have been made aware of this footage and the matter is being investigated.

Any evidence we become aware of will be examined with a view to taking action against anyone who puts lives at risk by driving in this irresponsible manner."We would appeal for anyone with information about those responsible to contact us at Banbridge Station."

You can view the video on our websites by clicking here.

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