Whacky racers gearing up for festival favourite

DROMORE’S whacky racers are gearing up for this year’s Soapbox Derby, now just a little way down the road and signalling the approach of the annual Community Festival of which it is one of the highlights.

Spearheaded by Dromore In Action, in conjunction with Banbridge District Council, the Festival, successor to the May Fair, kicks off on May 23 with an associated children’s sports event at Dromore Community Centre.

There follows a Vintage Rally on May 24.

On May 25 festival activities will be suspended for the day to avoid clashing with Kinallen Flute Band’s annual parade on that date.

Activities resume on May 26 with a council-led family fun day and the popular Soapbox Derby.

Expected to feature face-painting and a variety of family events and entertainment, the fun day is being planned to hopefully coincide with the completion of works to the Town Hall.

The Soapbox Derby, meanwhile, will take place at Mount Street, from 6.30pm.

The race will again offer all of Dromore’s budding racers the chance to demonstrate their engineering and driving skills.

The race is limited to the first 21 cars to register, so car builders and drivers should register their car as soon as possible.

A spokesperson said, “Cars must be safe, roadworthy, have a brake and seatbelt fitted. Beyond this you can be a creative as you want with your car. Drivers will need a helmet and boiler suit for the race.

“It’s a great opportunity for local businesses, clubs and churches to get involved in our community event and have some serious fun doing so.

“We would encourage everyone to start building their ‘dream’ car. There will be prizes for the fastest and the coolest cars on the night.”

The Festival will wrap up on May 27, with another annual favourite, the Non-Denominational Cross-Community Festival of Praise in Market Square.

For more information on the Soapbox Derby and the other Community Festival events, visit www.dromoreinaction.org or contact Paul on 077 4058 4227.