That’s magic! Adam’s tricks are a real treat

Banbridge’s teenage answer to popular street magician Dynamo is taking the internet by storm.

Fifteen-year-old Adam Kinneen, who has just completed his GCSEs, has been getting tips from fellow magicians and one day hopes to be as famous as his TV star peers.

It all started with a trip to the cinema earlier this year.

“I went to see ‘Now You See Me’, which is about illusionists trying to pull off bank robberies,” he said.

“Some of the tricks they were doing were unbelievable and I thought to myself that I would like to give it a go.

“The next day I bought myself a deck of cards and just practiced really hard.

“I started off practicing tricks on my family and I’ve tweeted a few magicians for tips. They have been really helpful and I’ve tried to take everything on board.”


After building up his confidence at home Adam took to the streets to entertain the public.

And he took a camera along with the end product being uploaded to YouTube.

He said, “I found that it brought people together. I might have done a few tricks with a few members of the public and others would have come across and had a look.

“It puts a smile on people’s faces as well. Last week when I was getting my GCSE results I brought my cards with me. I did a few tricks and it certainly helped to lighten the mood on an otherwise stressful day for everyone.”

Adam’s newfound fame has brought recognition from members of the public.

“People will see me out and about and they’ll ask me to do a trick.

“I was in Friar Tucks recently when a kid, who was out with his parents, came over and asked me if I was the guy from the YouTube video, so I ended up showing him a few tricks too.

“I really don’t mind doing it, I think that it’s pretty cool to be honest.”

His dream now is to emulate some of his heroes.

“I look up to guys like David Blaine and Dynamo. I would love to do what they do, performing on a big stage.

“But for now I’m happy enough to keep working at my skills and sticking at my studies.”

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And you can watch the second of Adam’s videos by logging on to his YouTube channel - just search for Adam Kinneen.