Still chance to sign up for Sahara Trek

THE Southern Area Hospice Services are calling on all walkers with a sense of adventure to consider signing up for their next overseas challenge - the Sahara Desert Trek 2013.

A public meeting on the trek has already taken place, but anyone who missed it and would like to find out more can still contact Tracey Muldoon, regional marketing officer at SAHS.

“I would highly recommend this overseas trek,” said Tracey, “It is a brilliant way to raise large funds for our local hospice as well as meeting new people and having an experience of a lifetime.

“We will be giving trekkers every assistance with fundraising and we will also be organising regular trekking meetings and training walks to help you get fit for the big adventure.”

The eight-day event takes place in November this year and will take walkers over sand and rocky terrain by day, while allowing them to experience camping under the desert stars at night.

“The sights will be amazing,” said Tracey. “Camping under the desert stars will allow participants to discover a landscape of awe-inspiring beauty, from great sand dunes to arid boulder-strewn plains where wind and furious sandstorms have whittled down the rock into bizarre sculptures.”

Trekkers are set to average 19 km each day, covering a total of 90 km of high rocky plateau, dried-up river beds, oases fringed with date palms and acacia, canyons and mountains.

For more information, contact the fundraising office on 028 3025 1333 or email