TWO worthy Dromore charities stand to benefit as a local man plans to take a fall, straight out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft.

Well-known local fundraiser and community activist Peter Branker has signed up for a skydive in aid of the appropriately named Via Wings and comparative newcomers to town, the Order of Malta Ambulance Corps.

The two are this year’s nominated charities for the Dromore Community Charity Events Committee, of which Peter is a leading member.

More than that, Peter often volunteers with Via Wings at the award-winning local charity’s newly established Market Square premises, ‘Hope and Soul’.

The daring Dromore man is hoping locals will dig deep to raise the charity total high.

It’s not Peter’s first skydive, but it has been some years since he first made a tandem jump of the kind he will be undertaking on August 19.

Peter, who is open about his past, costly, battles against ill health, recalled that his first jump almost didn’t go to plan.

“I nearly had a mishap,” he said. “I have an artificial leg and it was not on tight enough, so it nearly came off; I’ll have to be a bit more careful this time around.”

Undaunted by past experience, Peter added, “You do have a bit of nervousness when you’re up there - you have to hang right out of the plane and jump after all -

but once you’re on your way the nerves settle.

“It’s a tandem jump, but as you’re strapped to the front, you do get a sense that you’re on your own.”

Anyone who wants to support Peter in his fundraising efforts can do so by contacting him on 074 2905 3640.

“Via Wings is a very good charity and the Order of Malta Ambulance Corps is another good thing in Dromore,” said Peter. “The fundraising is going well, but in the next couple of weeks we’ll just have to work at getting as much as we possibly can.”