‘Reckless drivers putting lives at risk’

RECKLESS drivers are putting lives at risk in Waringsford by failing to give way and instead driving straight over the top of the central mini-roundabout.

That’s according to DUP Councillor Paul Rankin, who said this week he had received a number of reports of drivers effectively ignoring the roundabout while others went as far as to drive around it against the flow of traffic.


One concerned resident, he added, went as far as to contact Lagan Valley MLA Brenda Hale’s Dromore office with fears that someone was going to get hurt.

“I have personally received reports that some drivers are driving straight accross this roundabout, without stopping,” he said, “and some locals have even witnessed vehicles driving around it on the wrong side.

“A local resident also called into Mrs. Brenda Hale’s office to voice fears that an accident migh occur if these irresponsible drivers didn’t ‘wise up’.”

Mr. Rankin said he contacted police and Roads Service on Mrs. Hale’s behalf and welcomed news of new signage on site.

“I am pleased,” he said, “that DRD Roads Service is going to paint an additional ‘Give Way’ warning on the road, as you approach the roundabout from the Dromore direction, and I have requested that they review the signage from the other side.”

That said, Mr. Rankin insisted signage alone was not the answer and he appealed to motorists to drive responsibly.

“I would appeal to road-users who travel through Waringsford to pay heed to the signage and give way at the mini-roundabout in the centre of Waringsford.

“All the signage in the world is not an answer in itself if people are determined to break the law.”

He added, “If people have any information which may be helpful to the police, then I would encourage them to pass it on so police can concentrate resources around the times these incidents occur most frequently.”