Move to prevent anti-social behaviour is welcomed by MP

A MOVE by NIE to prevent anti-social behaviour around a large electricity transformer adjacent to Abbeyfield House in Banbridge has been welcomed by the local MP.

Upper Bann representative David Simpson was speaking after NIE responded to approaches from the DUP Banbridge Constituency office on the issue.

“A number of local residents in the area had contacted the DUP office in Banbridge concerned at the danger young people were posing to their own safety and the disturbance that anti-social behaviour at the site was inflicting upon neighbouring residents,” he said.

“Young people had been climbing onto the roof this station and there had been occasions where abuse had been directed at local residents.

“Following approached from local residents we had raised this issue with NIE. I am pleased that following those approaches NIE have now responded and stated that they are to treat the roof of this building with a substance designed to prevent people from climbing onto it.

“I want to welcome this speedy response and also to welcome the efforts that have now been scheduled to be put in place.”

He added, “I look forward to the completion of this work and would encourage local residents to keep a close eye on developments to see how effective this proves to be.

“Nobody wants any young person to be injured or for local residents to be subjected to any kind of insult or abuse.”