Gilford footpath plan welcomed

UPPER Bann MP David Simpson has welcomed the decision by DRD Roads Service to initiate a programme of repairing and upgrading footpaths in the Woodlands area of Gilford.

Mr Simpson was speaking after lobbying DRD Roads Service successfully on the need for a programme of works and after DRD Roads Service had confirmed detail of the plans to him.

“I am pleased that following representations I and my colleagues have made to DRD Roads Service in relation to approaches made by local residents about the condition and disrepair of footpaths and pavements in the Woodlands area of Gilford; a programme of works has now been put in place,” he said.

“DRD Roads Service have now confirmed to me that Phase I of this programme of works is scheduled to commence in November and it is hoped that this first phase will be completed by the end of the year.

“It is intended that this will be part of a larger project, that subject to finances, it is hoped will include resurfacing.

“I am pleased that DRD Roads Service have responded in this positive manner to our representations. I will continue to press for the completion of further phases of works in the area.”