Details of first RHI inquiry hearing

The public inquiry into the non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive scheme (RHI) will hold a preliminary hearing on Thursday 27 April at Stormont.

MLA Carla Lockhart

MLA meets chief officer over electoral register concerns

The DUP’s Carla Lockhart has met the Chief Electoral Officer to address concerns over the number of people removed from the register between May 2016 and March this year.

Most RHI wood pellet boilers have never been inspected by anyone

RHI man used a year’s heat in three months – but payments weren’t stopped

RHI inspectors found that one individual had used more heat in three months than they had said they would use in an entire year – but their payments were not stopped.

Parliament Buildings Stormont.   Photo: Kelvin Boyes / Press Eye

BLOG: NI power sharing talks

Coverage of the collapse of power sharing talks in Northern Ireland.


Poll: Have your say on power-sharing at Stormont

At 4pm today the deadline for restoring powersharing in Northern Ireland runs out.
Robin Swann pictured outside the Stormont talks yesterday. Photo: Freddie Parkinson / Press Eye

Swann to take over as Ulster Unionist leader without a contest

The Ulster Unionist Party’s new leader is set to be Robin Swann after he submitted his name yesterday (Friday) on the deadline for nominations – and not a single other candidate came forward.

Martin McGuinness

Banbridge book of condolence for passing of Martin McGuinness

Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon Council is opening a book of condolence in Banbridge ‘for people to acknowledge the sad passing’ of Martin McGuinness, the Lord Mayor Garath Keating has said.

Martin McGuinness

Martin McGuinness has died

Veteran Sinn Fein figure Martin McGuinness is dead.

This chart represents children aged four and under in 2011.
It stems from the 2011 census, and represents the answers parents gave when asked what religion the children were, or were being brought up in.
49.2% said Catholic, 36.4% Protestant or other Christian. 
The exact figures were 61,225 Catholics,  45,240 Protestants, 16,692 No religion, and 1,225 Other religion

Catholic population set to dwarf Protestants in years ahead

The loss of its outright majority at Stormont this month rocked political unionism, but statistics suggest it is something unionists must adjust to – and quickly.

Burning wood pellets

In full: List of non-domestic RHI claimants published today

After months of delay, the Department of the Economy has today published the names of most claimants under the non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme.

UUP leader, Mike Nesbitt and DUP leader, Arlene Foster.

Nesbitt: DUP endanger our future in the Union

Amid attempts to engineer unionist unity, outgoing Ulster Unionist Party leader Mike Nesbitt has denounced the DUP as a party which “endangers our future”.

Tony Blair

Widow’s anger over Tony Blair’s attendance at memorial unveiling

Tony Blair’s presence at the unveiling of a memorial to the fallen from Iraq and Afghanistan was akin to “walking on the graves” of the troops, army widow and ex-DUP MLA Brenda Hale has said.

Rathfriland UUP councillor Glenn Barr has requested dialogue on the signs

Irish road signs ‘being imposed’ on unionist areas

A UUP councillor has hit out at Newry Mourne and Down District after it “imposed” an Irish language sign on the area for the second time.

Doug Beattie told the BBC he did not have the 'depth of political knowledge' required to lead the UUP

Beattie will consider UUP leadership bid ‘if party comes calling’

Ulster Unionist MLA Doug Beattie has not ruled himself out of vying for the party leadership, admitting he would consider it “if the party came calling”.

The flag of the European Union.

What does Brexit mean for women’s rights?

Millions around the world gathered together, on streets and on social media, to campaign for equality, diversity, and inclusion during last month’s Women’s March.

David Trimble led the Ulster Unionists from 1995 to 2005

If only Foster was polite, unionism would have had better result: peer

One of the men who helped set up the Stormont Assembly has said DUP “foolishness” and Arlene Foster’s failure to be polite are to blame for the drop in unionists’ electoral fortunes.

Alan McQuillan had been a member of the Independent Financial Review Panel, which is now no longer functioning

Stop MLAs’ pay under direct rule, Brokenshire urged

MLAs should only be paid for a maximum of three months if direct rule from Westminster become necessary.


Who were the high profile losers in the Assembly election?

The harsh reality of political elections left a number of high profile casualties.
Mike Nesbitt announces his resignation as Ulster Unionist leader and Arlene Foster at her count on Friday, March 3

Election 2017: Unionism loses Stormont majority

Northern Ireland is today waking up to a fundamentally altered political reality: unionism is no longer a majority in the Stormont chamber for the first time since the creation of the Province a century ago.

Counting is underway in the NI Assembly election

LIVE BLOG: NI Assembly election - as it happened

The full results of the Northern Ireland Assembly election are now in. We've all the news, views and analysis from across Northern Ireland.
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