Police want public to get the ‘watch’word

Dromore’s growing Neighbourhood Watch network will be on the agenda at an upcoming meeting of the Community Police Liaison Committee.

Police are seeking ideas from the public for further promoting and supporting Neighbourhood Watch locally.

Dromore CPLC will next meet at 7.30pm on Wednesday, September 11 in Dromore Town Hall.

Anyone who lives or works in the Dromore community is invited to attend the meeting.

Local Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators in particular are being encouraged to attend.

A spokesperson explained, “The PCSP (Policing and Community Safety Partnership) and the local police are seeking suggestions for events and activities that will help to promote and support Neighbourhood Watch using funding that has been specifically allocated for this purpose in the Dromore area.”

The upcoming meeting also affords the opportunity to find out about local policing and community safety issues in the area.

Those attending can raise any related issues and air their views on what the local priorities for policing should be in 2014/15.

“The meeting is a great opportunity to meet your local Neighbourhood Officers,” said the spokesperson, “and to ask any questions about local crime, anti-social behaviour and policing issues. Members of Banbridge Policing and Community Safety Partnership’s Policing Committee should also be present to give an update on the delivery of local projects and to help progress your policing and community safety issues. “

If you would like further information about the meeting, contact Rhonda Abraham, Banbridge PCSP Officer, on 028 406 20246 or e-mail: rhonda.abraham@banbridge.gov.uk. For further information about Banbridge PCSP and the projects, events and activities it supports, email: pcsp@banbridge.gov.uk.

One initiative made possible by Banbridge PCSP funding is a street art project deliverd by Dromore Youth For Christ.

Banbridge PCSP launched an open call for applications to their Small Grants Scheme in May this year and Youth for Christ was one of four organisations who submitted successful applications to run local projects aimed at tackling policing and community safety issues.

Youth for Christ was awarded £940 to run ‘Artistic Impressions of Community Values’ a project which will be used as a means of discussing and exploring policing and community safety issues with the young people involved.