Nursery raises £1,200 with rhyme and reason

‘A COURAGEOUS and vivacious young man who fully embraces life at every opportunity.” That’s how principal Sharon Beattie described the local youngster in whose name Dromore Nursery School pupils raised £1,200 in charity cash last week.

Friday saw the school assemble for its annual sponsor morning in aid of its adopted charity ‘The Paul Russell Trust’.

Beresford Green lad Paul suffers from Apert’s Syndrome, as a result of which he was born with all of his fingers fused together; each had to be surgically separated in a series of operations at London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Paul has nevertheless determinedly pursued his family’s passion for music, passing a number of major milestones as a student pianist.

Said Mrs. Beattie, “Paul is a past pupil of Dromore Nursery School and we are delighted to follow his progress year by year.”

For this year’s sponsor morning, nursery pupils focused on Number Rhymes, a core aspect of the pre-school curriculum.

“Rhyming and rhyme time has a key role to play in children’s development,” said Mrs. Beattie. “Rhyming is a regular feature in the daily routine of nursery schools but its importance is often undervalued.

“One of the best ways to introduce a child to mathematics and the language of mathematics is through reciting number rhymes; by hearing rhymes from their first awareness children are gradually introduced to the basic concepts of mathematics.

“Children need a wealth of rhyming activities and experience with rhyming before they are ready to learn mathematical concepts.”

The children came to school on Friday dressed as their favourite nursery rhyme characters. They took part in a ‘movement, rhyme and number’ session, a creative craft activity and a special outdoor banquet.

The children also had their ‘Jubilee Cards’ on display; each child received a card with a commemorative brooch and a special card was made to be sent to Her Majesty the Queen from the boys and girls of Dromore Nursery School.

Staff and governors all received a commemorative spoon.

At the end of the morning the parents joined the children and listened while pupils and staff recited the 10 number rhymes they had learned. Chairperson of the school’s Board of Governors, Mrs Moira Alexander, presented a £1,200 cheque to Mrs Jennifer Symington of the Paul Russell Trust.

Hunbled and delighted, she said, by the generous response of pupils, families and friends, Mrs. Beattie added, “In this present time of economic difficulties the community of Dromore is continuing to support worthwhile causes with energy and generosity.”