Noisy party tenants are evicted by Executive

TWO homes have been repossessed by the Housing Executive after tenants continued to cause trouble for their neighbours.

The occupants who lived in Laurencetown and Banbridge, were removed from the houses following a series of late night parties and excessive noise complaints.

Acting District Manager, Denise McNally said numerous attempts were made to deal with the issues, before eviction was seen to be the only solution.

“This is not action the Housing Executive has taken lightly, but only as a last resort, after all other attempts to resolve the problems have been unsuccessful,” she said.

“In dealing with anti-social behaviour (ASB), staff in the Banbridge Office work to resolve problems through early intervention and mediation. This approach is often successful, preventing the need for more serious action to be taken.”

She said the Housing Executive works with other bodies and organisations to tackle the “scourge” of anti-social behaviour.

“However, we know that ASB can cause misery and anxiety for local residents who wish to live peacefully in their own homes and these actions show our commitment to protecting them from this scourge.

“We are working closely with the local community and other statutory agencies to ensure that ASB does not take hold and we need people to come forward and report incidents as and when they occur. Unless we know about such incidents, we cannot tackle them.”

Anyone who has experienced problems relating to anti-social behaviour can contact the Housing Executive on 03448 920 900.