Mum’s traffic fears on Ballymoney Hill

A MOTHER-OF-THREE has called for action to be taken against speeders on the Ballymoney Hill in Banbridge.

The woman contacted the Leader to express her fear that people travelling at high speeds will kill or injure someone in what is “only a matter of time”.

The local mum, who did not wish to be named, said, “I find the speed that some people travel down (the road) a disgrace.

“I have three young children and although I have gates and a wall around (mu house), the thought of any of the kids climbing over to chase a ball or whatever and to meet one of these drivers scares the life out of me,” she said.

“Even worse are the lorries that come down. They could never stop in time for any child that comes in its path.

“Another thought, that maybe sounds silly is that these drivers, if they happen to lose control just over the hill, my garden is the one that they could drive into.”

The woman said some form of traffic calming is desperately needed in the area.

“I would love to see speed bumps put onto the road,” she told the Leader. “I have only spoken to family members about it, no one else, but I am positive that I’m not the only one who lives here who would like to see the same thing happen.

“I just know that they are desperately needed here before anything happens. Its such a steep hill, its only a matter of time.”

A DRD spokesperson said that while the area has been assessed, the Ballymoney Hill is not an immediate priority.

“A traffic calming assessment has been carried out for Hill Street and Ballymoney Road, Banbridge,” said the spokesperson.

“This indicated that the area would be considered a medium priority. Whilst not listed on current programmes, traffic calming works may be considered at this location when preparing future programmes of work.”