Light up a Life with Hospice

A SPECIAL service will be held at Banbridge Leisure Centre on Wednesday December 5 at 11am as part of the Southern Area Hospice’s Light Up A Life Christmas campaign.

This campaign centres around our Christmas tree standing in the grounds of the hospice, by Christmas this tree will be illuminated with hundreds of little white lights each one representing a life, someone’s child, a mother, father, brother or sister each one special to those who have loved them, anyone can be remembered in this way they do not need to have been cared for by the hospice.

It is an important time for families like the Tyrell family. A member said, “This time last year we were preparing for our first Christmas without our wonderful daughter Emma, we were dreading it.

“However we had heard about the Hospice’s Light Up A Life appeal and decided to dedicate a light on the Hospice Christmas tree for Emma.

“On a cold crisp winters evening last December we came to the Illumination Ceremony at the Hospice and while it was so sad, and so poignant when all of the little lights were lit on the tree, we took heart from the warmth and empathy that radiated on that evening.”

The Hospice invites you to remember your loved one in this way and dedicate a light on our very special tree to them, you can get a dedication form by calling the fundraising office on (028) 3025 1333 or by visiting their website

By remembering your loved ones this Christmas you will be helping the hospice to care for someone else’s.