Laganvale protesters NOT opposed to playpark

PROTESTING residents of Laganvale, Dromore are this week stressing they are opposed to an access point associated with the council’s ‘Fairview Park’ development, but are in no way opposed to the play area itself.

The protesters spoke out after being subjected to questioning on what some locals have mistakenly assumed to be a campaign against the playpark.

It emerged in recent weeks that the majority of Laganvale residents had petitioned the district council in protest at its move - in association with the playpark development - to formally open up an artificial access point, from nearby Lynn Avenue, and install steps leading down into Laganvale.

Describing the access point as “a hole in the hedge that was made by the young ones over time”, Laganvale’s Mr. Brian Mulholland said that, among other things, locals feared the move would encourage an escalation in existing anti-social behaviour.

Last week saw a number of parents from the wider area effectively voice concerns that protests might pose a threat to a, they say, “vital” facility.

The resulting confusion as to the precise nature of the protest led Mr. Mulholland to this week stress again that Laganvale residents had no problem whatsoever with the playpark.

“We have repeatedly asked to have this access point closed off, not opened up,” he said, “and the steps have no relevance to the park; they go straight into Laganvale.

“At no time have the residents of Laganvale set out to oppose the playpark; in fact we welcome it. Some of the residents who have signed the petition have children of their own and my own grandchildren are looking forward to it.

“We welcome the playpark itself with open arms and none of the residents wants to prevent it from being completed.”