Fresh crop of complaints over trees and hedges

A FRESH crop of complaints about overgrown trees and hedges in Dromore and Kinallen has prompted another reminder to landowners that they are responsible for the necessary pruning.

It comes from Lagan Valley MLA Brenda Hale’s Dromore office, where manager, Councillor Paul Rankin, said the number of complaints was growing.

“We have received a number of complaints about overhanging trees, briars and hedges,” he said. “Mentioned specifically were overhanging trees at a location in Kinallen and hedges along the Lurgan Road and Circular Road, Dromore, overhanging the public footpath and forcing pedestrians to step on to the roads.”

Mr. Rankin cautioned that while the district council and Roads Service did routinely cut grass areas, landowners were responsible for cutting back vegetation encroaching on public paths and roads.

“I would again remind land and property-owners,” he said, “that it is their responsibility to cut and face back the hedges and trees on their land which face onto public roads and footpaths.

“If they fail to do this and an injury or accident occurs, then they will be held liable.

“The DRD Roads Service do cut grass verges and the council cuts the grassy areas within the town boundary, but it is the landowners’ responsibility to cut their own hedges and trees.”

Appealing directly to landowners - on his own and Mrs. Hale’s behalf – to cut back their hedges and trees accordingly, Mr. Rankin said Roads Service had been made aware of local complaints.