Freedom Acts congratulated by MP

DUP MP David Simpson has congratulated the Freedom Acts Team in conjunction with the PCSP for their opening of a pop up educational shop in Rathfriland Street, Banbridge aimed at educating and raising awareness about the harrowing effects of Human Trafficking.

Speaking having visited the facility on the day of its opening, David Simpson MP said: “I would commend Mrs Mel Wiggans and her team of workers who have worked with the relevant authorities to deliver this educational facility pitched at young people within the Banbridge area and wider afield.

“On entry to the Freedom pop up shop I was once again challenged in my own mind to continue to the fight along with the relevant people to raise awareness, help my colleague Lord Morrow get his Bill passed in the Northern Ireland Assembly, and to assist in the campaign to eradicate such barbaric activity.

“Modern Day Slavery is wrong, trafficking humans for profit is wrong and it is time that the legislation around such activity was robust enough to ensure those involved face appropriate sentencing.

“I made a pledge to the people involved to pray and assist Lord Morrow in all his efforts locally and to continue to lobby at a UK level to have this human trafficking and modern day slavery eradicated from our society.”