Family pet savaged by ‘pit-bull’

Waylon the dog that was attacked at Bridge Street
Waylon the dog that was attacked at Bridge Street

Police are appealing for information after a Golden Retriever labrador was attacked by a pit bull type dog at Bridge Street in Banbridge, last Friday.

Waylon, the 18 month old is said to be recovering well but had stitches following the attack on June 6 which took place around 8pm.

The bull terrier type dog was being walked by a male who had two of these dogs and the labrador was being walked by a female.

“The dog warden has been made aware of the incident,” said a spokesperson for Banbridge PSNI.

“Waylon was out for a good long walk and is in great form.”

Local people went onto Facebook to vent their anger about the attack.

Dani Foulkes McAteer posted, “I duno why people still want to own pitbulls. Oh wait I do to act hard n cool wel ye dont. Poor wee dog glad its getn better.”

Gareth Sheriff said, “Disgusting how some people are allowed dogs. They bring them up to be vicious and this kind if 
stuff happens!”

Kathy McConville posted, “Glad the wee pet is ok. Hope they find the owner of the other dog, scary stuff, but not the dogs fault.”

Alison Wilson Poots, said “This might cause arguments but why say pit bull type dog? Why not staffie or bull terrier type dog....really angers me when people say this..... Might not even of been a pitbull. I am an animal lover and wouldn’t wish this on any animal hope the wee pooch is 
on the mend.”

Carla Graham posted, “Awful! Wouldn’t blame the pit bull type dog though as it’s too often they get bad press, a dogs behaviour is all in the owners hands.”

Anna Close posted, “It’s not the dogs fault. Any dog can be taught to attack, some more then others. Pit bulls and other dogs used in fighting are trained that way. If the owner is found, just remember it’s not the dogs fault, and don’t put them down. You can rehome dogs with certain conditions such as no contact with other animals.”