Ramps make road “more dangerous” say motorists

THE Ballygowan Road, which recently had speed cushions installed, could be more dangerous now than before due to the dangerous driving of motorists, it has been claimed.

And now Roads Service have said they may be prepared to reduce the height of the speed bumps.

The traffic calming measures have stirred mixed feelings among residents and drivers alike, some saying the speed restrictions have caused “ramp overkill”.

And one woman said she saw a car pass another last week while travelling over the speed humps. She added, “It seems that would now be more dangerous than before”.

While many have called that move irresponsible, others say it illustrates the frustration caused for motorists by the number and height of speed bumps.

While most people seem to accept some ramps were necessary on the road one local man said it is a case of health and safety gone mad.

“If a child or adult is wrapped in cotton wool they won’t be able to sense danger,” said the man. “Health and safety disregards human intellect at times.”

But, when contacted by the Leader on the issue, Roads Service was at pains to detail the extent of their investigation into the need for speed restrictions on the road and consultations on the matter.

They said they will “monitor” the situation on the road and are prepared to make minor alterations if necessary.

The request for traffic calming measures originally came from Bridge Primary School in 2008 - and an assessment by Roads Service found that one in every seven vehicles was travelling faster that 30 miles per hour.

Two consultations followed, including letters sent to residents and then a survey which found 71 per cent of the 350 respondents agree that traffic calming measures were necessary.

Some road users have said the number of ramps is “excessive” and questioned the height of the cushions, but Roads Service explained that they followed relevant guidelines.

“The scheme was designed and constructed in accordance with UK guidelines, which include a pre-determined height range and spacing of speed cushions,” said a spokesman.