Concerns over new traffic lights

THE new traffic light system through Banbridge town centre is “an accident waiting to happen”, according to a local mother.

New lights have been installed at various locations around the town, including outside St Mary’s Primary School on the Scarva Road and the positioning of the “green man” has come in for criticism.

Lynette Corbett, a Banbridge mother-of-two, said she fears a child could be hurt or killed while crossing the road because of the new system.

“I have seen kids coming from school and just taking a chance crossing the road because you can’t see the green man now if there is a crowd at the lights,” she said. “It is natural in a town for the lights to be busy and the larger the group of people the more concealed the green man is.”

The green man is now positioned at waist level on the console beside which pedestrians stand as they wait to cross the road. Lynette said it’s former location above head level on the other side of the road was safer and more visible to all those waiting to cross the road.

“I first noticed it when I was walking through the town and since mentioning it a lot of people have come to me and said they feel exactly the same way,” said Lynette.

“People now take a chance or follow the crowd because they can’t actually see the green man. And you can’t look at the traffic lights for guidance either because they are facing the cars and pedestrians can’t see them.”

“My kids are seven and four and they are at that age where they are learning the Green Cross Code. What am I supposed to say to them when they can’t see the light? I don’t want them feeling they just have to take a chance.”

Lynette said she would urge Roads Service to either change the system or make the green man more visible.

“If the green man was positioned at a higher level as well as where it is now then it would be visible to all. It’s very dangerous the way it is at the minute and I’m just waiting on something bad to happen.”

Roads Service were unable to comment at the time of going to print.