Students take tour of the sewage system

Pupils from Banbridge High School take a tour of Belfast's sewage works
Pupils from Banbridge High School take a tour of Belfast's sewage works

BANBRIDGE High School pupils recently enjoyed sights and sounds of a different kind when they visited Belfast’s sewage headquarters.

Nothern Ireland Water welcomed the students to its Wastewater Heritage Centre at Duncrue Street, Belfast for an educational visit to experience the sights and smells of Belfast’s sewage system past and present.

Located in the industrial heartland of Belfast, the Heritage Centre allows children to compare the nearby Duncrue Wastewater Treatment Works to the system used in the Victorian era.

To reinforce NI Water’s ‘Bag It and Bin It’ message, the pupils took part in a practical activity to highlight the importance of looking after our sewer network and to learn more about what shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet.

NI Water’s Environmental Education Manager, Jane Jackson said, “NI Water places great importance on educating young people in the vital role water plays in our lives. Bringing the students to the Heritage Centre allows them to get a better understanding of the steps involved in the sewage cleaning process and what happens when they flush the toilet.

“The Heritage Centre is a wonderful facility combining history, science and environmental awareness and we’re delighted with the positive feedback from schools who have participated to date.”

Senior Technician at the school, Gordon Bell said, “This is one of many visits Banbridge High School has paid to NI Water’s Heritage Centre in Belfast. I took a class last year who thoroughly enjoyed it and the lessons they learnt.

“As part of their study of water, science pupils learn about its purification and how wastewater is treated. Their understanding was enhanced with this visit to the Heritage Centre, where they learned about the treatment of greater Belfast’s sewage and drainage system, including the ‘greening’ of the process and recycling of various parts of the waste.

“The tour finished with a number of experiments and multimedia presentation inside the Heritage Centre.

“The pupils have been studying water, water treatment and what is involved in the process. I hope to take my class again next year and would like to thank the education team for this valuable experience.”