New-bridge Work Experience Week

Roseanna Gibbons
Roseanna Gibbons

YEAR 12 Pupils of New-bridge Integrated College went out to experience the world of work on Monday October 10.

Some placements were as far away as the Impartial Reporter in Eniskillen and some were close by such as Bridge Integrated Primary. There was also a wide range in intrests and experiences.

I came to the Banbridge Leader for my work experience because I am interested in journalism and wanted to see how newspapers are made. It has been very interesting and I have learnt a great deal about the world of journalism, however I am still not sure what job I would like to do.

Orlagh Casey went to Rodney Millers Assocaiates in Belfast to do Graphic Desgining and research. She worked with six other graphic designers who she thought were very helpful.

Orlagh said the best part of the experience was when she was told that her illustrations were very professional and would be used in some of the company’s advertisements.

“The experience was very intresting, but the hours were very long and Ihad to get up very early in the morning to arrive at 8 am”.

Orlagh does not know if she will want get a job in the Graphics industry when she has left school but has thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Hannah Proctor’s work experience placement was The Windsor Bakery in Banbridge at both Newry Street and Bridge Street.

Hannah has been able to make pies and biscuits, she has been able to ice a cake and help with the packing. She says the experience has been hard work but well worth it and that the staff have been really welcoming, friendly and helpful. She particularly enjoyed getting free food! This Experience has persuaded Hannah to want a job related to it when she is older because she has enjoyed it more than she expected and has worked in a lot of the different areas of the bakery.

Chloe Harrison went to Eclipze Hairdressers in Dromore.

She has learnt a lot about the hair dressing industry. She has learnt about dying hair, tips on perms and how to deal in emergency situations. She was put to the test when a woman took ill in the salon.

“I have enjoyed it more than Ithought Iwould but I don’t think Iwill want a job as a hair dresser or anything like that”