Celebration time for High School pupils

BANBRIDGE High School’s staff and pupils were celebrating their successes at both GCSE and A-Level over the past week.

Over 94% of grades at the Primrose Gardens school at A-Level were in the A*-E category while at GCSE 98% of grades were passes.

It’s caused delight for school principal, Andrew Bell, who said, “I would like to congratulate all the young people from Banbridge High School who received their A level and A/S results.

“It is a testament to the commitment of these young people who, having remained at Banbridge High School to undertake post 16 work, want to progress and develop further into the world of education.

“Our Year 14 group was the largest cohort in the school’s history and we were very pleased with the many pleasing results gained by these young people across a range of subjects and disciplines.”

Mr Bell also acknowledged the learning partners within the Banbridge Area Learning Community which enabled the young people of the school the opportunity to access a wider choice of subjects.

He said, “This is the first of the school’s post-16 group to have this increased access at this level and we are very pleased that this has contributed to the success of these young people.”

He added, “With over 94% of the grades achieved at A level in the A*-E category, the school wishes these young people the very best as they enter new areas of learning and training.

“We are also extremely pleased with the GCSE achievements of our pupils. This is our best set of results.

“Among many of the high grades achieved were over 70 of the grades at A*. This is a tremendous achievement and tribute must be paid to the young people who achieved this high level.

“Banbridge High School would like to thank the hard work, support and guidance given to all these young people to help them reach this point in the last two years.

“The vast majority of the grades were in the A*-C category while over 98% of the grades were pass grades. We are also very pleased with the wide range of subjects taken by our pupils, and which are indicative of their preferred career paths.

“The school has offered its young people both academic and more vocational courses and this has allowed them to work on their strengths and interests.

“With such excellent results, our young people can move on to the next stage of their education with confidence and the entire school community wishes them the very best for the future,” he concluded.