Dromore man helps out good Samaritan


A complete stranger from Dromore has come to the aid of a Good Samaritan who broke his mobile phone while helping at the scene of a car accident recently.

In a true act of kindness, Steve Troman from Quilly Road, Dromore, gave his 18-month-old, top-of-the-range Sony Xperia Z to William Ferguson, who helped at a car accident on Lisburn’s Moira Road.

William had dropped and smashed the screen of his phone while running to get a fire extinguisher from a local store as he helped a man who crashed his car into a telegraph pole when Steve read the story in The Leader’s sister paper, The Ulster Star, “his immediate reaction” was to help William.

“I knew exctly what I would be doing with an old phone that I had,” he said.

“I had just recently upgraded my phone the week before and was asking my wife what I should do with the phone.

“I had thought about putting it up on eBay.

“To be honest, I probably would have forgotten about it and put it in a drawer where it would lie.

“It was only when I read the story in the Ulster Star and thought I would rather give it to someone deserving such as William than put it up on eBay and make a few pound or put it in a drawer and just forget all about it.

“I do not want anything for it and will certainly not be taking any money for it.

“He is more than welcome to take it if he wants it. It’s only worth about £100 but I will not be wanting or taking any money for it.”

William meanwhile, a reluctant hero, at first refused to take the phone.

“I really do not want the phone,” said William.

“It is very generous of him to do this. He is showing the true nature of human kindness.

“I certainly was not looking for anything and not looking for recognition for what I did at the accident. I would do the same again.

“It goes to show there are some really lovely people out there. I really did not expect this.”