Dromore link to stars of the future

A CHANCE introduction has landed new Northern Irish band Mere Moths, average age 15, with a recording deal.

Colin Lindsay, a keen folk musician, was helping set up a community centre recording facility in Dromore when he mentioned to Sheila Smyth of the Fresh Oil Ministries and Music Centre, that he knew of a promising local rock combo.

Weeks later, Sheila had contacted music producer Graeme Robinson (Dubstar, Shadow Talk), who dropped by to meet the young band; Patrick Wright, Jack Elliott-Clackett, and Chris Tinsley and hear some of their original songs. Impressed, Robinson offered to produce and then release the band’s debut EP, titled Water Of The Land, on his label, Circulation Recordings.

“I was really surprised by the maturity of the songwriting and the energy of the band,” said Robinson. “ I just had to offer them a deal there and then”.

The tracks were recorded live in the former working men’s club premises at Fresh Oil, which surroundings provided an authentic ambience to the recordings, and were then mixed and mastered at nearby Word Salad studios.

They have received praise from DJRD of Queen’s Radio fame, who said, “Mere Moths are the epitome of young Northern Ireland talent – one for my playlist and definitely one to watch”

Mere Moths are now a four-piece, having recently been joined by Jamie Mehaffy on bass. The band are currently managed by their parents.

The resulting three-track EP will be available on iTunes digital music stores in 36 countries around the world and is now available for pre-order.

The band performed their EP at the Banbridge Youth Awards in the Banbridge Youth Resource Centre on June 21 and are due to play an acoustic set at Volume Control at the Oh Yeah Music Centre in Belfast on July 6.