Dromore ‘leading the way’

The ‘Restore Dromore’ project is widening its net, with the town poised to

become the first in the district to provide free town centre Wi-Fi .

Hailed as “very exciting”, the move, allowing access for more than 300 concurrent users, signals a recognition of the ever more vital role of technology in developing local businesses.

It will also offer an associated opportunity to promote Dromore as a whole.

The project will feature a landing page devoted to Dromore; this will be used to promote the town and provide information about the area, with the local Chamber of Commerce, Dromore Partnership and various community groups pitching in on developing content for the page.

Funded by the Department for Social Development and delivered by Banbridge District Council, the Wi-Fi initiative is part of the wider ‘Restore Dromore’ project.

The overall project includes a shopfront grant scheme, Church Street paint scheme, Market Square community garden and historical signage in town.

Lagan Valley MLA Brenda Hale, whose Church Street office, along with the premises of a number of local traders, will play a key part in facilitating installation of the Wi-fi, said she was delighted with the news.

The DUP constituency office on Church Street was identified it as the ideal location for the wireless gateway.

“I was more than happy to facilitate the internet gateway being placed in my constituency office,” said Mrs Hale. “We are all aware of the importance Wi-Fi has for businesses and shoppers alike.

“The ‘Restore Dromore’ scheme is essential for regenerating business in the local area.

“I was more than happy to assist the council in any way I could.”

Mrs Hale’s office manager, Dromore DUP Councillor Paul Rankin, added his own welcome.


“As a local councillor,” he said, “I welcome this project.

“I would commend Mrs Brenda Hale MLA and the Democratic Unionist Party for granting use of the constituency office for the ‘gateway’.

“I would also commend the other Town Centre property owners who are part of this Wi-Fi Project and it is notable that Dromore will be the first Town in the district with town centre Wi-Fi”.

The local authority’s Arts, Events and Town Centre Manager, Mechelle Brown, said Dromore was taking a lead and the new provision was sure to be of significant benefit.

“This is a very exciting project for Dromore,” she said.

“Wi-Fi is becoming increasingly more important for town centres.

“We are pleased that Dromore is leading the way within Banbridge District.

“When the system is operational we are sure it will benefit the town centre and it gives us the opportunity to raise awareness of what Dromore has to offer.

“We are very grateful to the property owners who have given permission for the location of the nodes and the installation of the gateway equipment.”