Dromore bridge debris to be cleared

River debris under the bridge at Caughey’s Road, Dromore is to be removed, it was reported this week.

The undertaking comes from the Rivers Agency, this after Dromore Councillor Paul Rankin took up the matter on behalf of a number of concerned locals who lodged complaints with Lagan Valley MLA Brenda Hale.

“We received complaints in Mrs Brenda Hale MLA’s office that the river flow was being obstructed by debris at this location,” said Mr Rankin.

The DUP councillor asked the Rivers Agency to inspect the river under the bridge.

An official from the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development agency responded.

“I have inspected the bridge at Caugheys Road, Dromore and noted the debris at the abutments,” he said.

“I have requested that one of the local maintenance teams attend and removes the obstructions.

“I anticipate that this will be completed this week.”

On his own and Mrs. Hale’s behalf Councillor Rankin welcome the Rivers Agency’s quick response and undertaking to clear the obstructing materials from underneath the bridge.