Protect your property - PSNI

POLICE in Banbridge are reminding owners of quads and plant machinery to take steps to protect their propery.

Adopting simple crime prevention techniques like the following can also reduce your chances of falling victim:

Quads, trailers, tractors, forklifts, and other high value items of farm machinery should be kept locked away in secure garages or outbuildings when not in use. Items should also be marked to make them identifiable to their owner.

Owners should also consider routinely locking gates on accessible lanes and yards using ‘British Standard’ closed shackled padlocks to prevent unauthorised vehicular access.

Putting frequently used machines away and locking up sheds and outbuildings may seem like a chore, but it won’t be as inconvenient as having an important piece of equipment stolen.

Owners should also seriously consider using anti-theft systems such as CCTV and security tagging in addition to wheel clamps and hitch locks.

Farmers should not overlook the security of their fields and livestock either, and in addition to keeping records of stock numbers and making regular checks to ensure all is in order; farmers should also record the colour and location of dye markings. Gates leading to fields should be securely locked at all times.

In addition to such measures, an accurate and up to date register of plant and equipment, noting serial/ chassis numbers, any security markings and colour etc, can help with identifying your property if it is taken. Photographs are also a useful way of recording the scale of items.

Don’t make life easy for criminals. Being crime prevention aware will help to protect your property. If you would like furtehr advice you can contact your crime prevention officer on 0845 600 8000.