Drugs found during planned police search


An Annaclone woman has been told by the local Judge that it was no coincidence drugs were found at her home during a planned search.

Tierna Bingham from Frazer Park, appeared before the town’s court last Thursday where she was fined £250 for possession of Class b drug cannabis.

Twenty-year-old Bingham, who the court was told has never worked and receives benefits, asked through her solicitor for extra time to pay the fine.

District Judge Copeland refused the request telling her, “If you have money for drugs you have money to pay fines.”

A PPS Prosecutor explained how on 29 July, police searched her house at Chinauley Park, Banbridge and Bingham handed over a small amount of Cannabis with a value of £5.

Solicitor Mr Ingram said his client suffered from anxiety and depression.

Mr Copeland stated, “Both of these conditions historically can be precipitated by the abuse of illicit drugs including cannabis.”

Mr Ingram said Bingham’s mother was in court and she was extremely disappointed in her daughter and disapproves of her taking drugs.

“She believes this was a one off and is concerned about her. She will be keeping an eye on her.”

Mr Copeland said Bingham was now an adult and was responsible for her own behaviour.

He said he didn’t accept that police arrived and found the drugs by chance adding, “police were there under a search warrant.”

“If you appear again in court for drugs offence, the court will take it very seriously.

“I hope your mother is listening.”

Judge Copeland added, “A one off - I don’t think so.”

Bingham was also told to pay a £15 offender’s levy.