College students quiz team head for finals

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A TEAM of 17 to 23 year-old students from Southern Regional College Banbridge Campus recently hosted a money management game show based on the popular TV show ‘The Weakest Link’.

The game show quizzed students on their knowledge of financial capability and money management with the aim to bank as much money as possible. The game show took place on in the Banbridge Campus with the support of Liz Hudson (Public Services) who acted as our very own Anne Robinson. Banbridge Students used this event as a fun and creative way for students to share their money management skills and build links with the local community.

The team ran the event to enter the Money for Life Challenge - a new, national competition that provides a fun way for students in further education, and their communities, to develop vital money management skills. The team is hoping that the event will help get them to the UK Grand Final in London where they could win £2,500 for the registered charity of their choice.

Rachel Greer, one of the team members, said, “I really enjoyed the game show and felt it was a very exciting and interactive way to increase my knowledge on financial terminology. We’re thrilled about how the event went and hope that people came away with better knowledge of money management and financial capability. We really wanted to make sure that we could help people improve their money management skills in order to make a difference in their lives. The Weakest Link game show was a fun way to pass on our money management skills and hopefully it will be good enough to win us a place at the Money for Life Challenge UK Grand Final.”

“Juggling the demands on your money is challenging for everyone,” said Catherine Shipman project sponsor of the Money for Life Challenge team from Southern Regional College, Banbridge.

“So, whether you’re earning it, saving it or borrowing it, it helps to have some inside knowledge so you can make the best choices - right now and for your future. We hope that this project will not only benefit our students, but also the community as well,”

To support the local team and help them reach the UK Grand Finals, please go to or like the Money for Life page on Facebook. There will be the opportunity to vote for the Weakest Link team on the voting page.