Bingo Players

THIS March the guys behind the club hit ‘Rattle’, are hitting Belfast for an exclusive show at the Limelight venue!

When we say Bingo players, we’re not talking about your granny and her mates, but the duo that have created some of the best club tunes including the still popular tune Rattle.

The Dutch DJ’s have made themselves an international success by putting their own spin on the electronic house genre. They have worked there way through the scene with number one tracks on music website ‘Beatport’, the creation of their own label in 2010 and played some of the world’s biggest festivals including; Tomorrowland.

They are well known for their wonderful live performances and are bringing the madness to Belfast this March at the newly refurbished Limelight venue.

Tickets for the event are priced from just £16 giving you the opportunity to enjoy international; DJ talent for a fraction of the usual cost. Tickets can be bought from Ticketmaster for this over 18’s event