‘Amazing memories of an amazing day’

Torchbearer Grace.
Torchbearer Grace.

DROMORE lad Jake Boyd (13) had an “amazing” day last week when he took to the streets of Dundrum to bear the Olympic torch.

Jake’s mum, Tracy, confesses she has talked about little else since.

“Jake handed over the torch to Patrick Kielty,” she said. “The day was absolutely amazing; the organisation was perfect, everything ran to the second and the rain just about managed to stay away while Jake completed his run.

“The proudest day of my life, next to the day he and his sister were born; I haven’t shut up about it since.”

Making the London 2012 Team held a special pride for the local youngster, who, according to his mum, seemed never quite good enough to make it onto school and other sporting teams, but always kept trying again despite continuous knockbacks.

Jake’s run with the Olympic torch was caught on camera - he put in an appearance on BBC Newsline, where he was seen handing over the torch – and reportedly earned mention on the Chris Moyles show, both during his run and later when Paddy Kielty was interviewed.

“After the big event,” said Tracy, “we went for breakfast to The Hop in Newcastle, where Jake was greeted like a celebrity, with people getting their photos taken with him.

“Then it was off for a tour of Dromore Central Primary School to show the children there the torch, and more photos, then over to Dromore High School to show Mr. Wilkinson (principal) the reason for him being absent from school.

“Amazing memories of an amazing day!”