A sad day as all efforts to save puppies fail

The pups mother Honey now making a good recovery at the Doghouse Sanctuary
The pups mother Honey now making a good recovery at the Doghouse Sanctuary

The Doghouse Sanctuary has had a distressing week after losing the six puppies born to a collie dog, rescued three weeks ago.

The heavily pregnant collie, little more than a pup herself, had been found straying and ‘shell shocked’ and gave birth to a litter of pups just a day after being taken in by the sanctuary.

The pups at first were healthy but things took a turn when their mum, Honey, developed a serious infection.

“We noticed the pups weren’t feeding well and were running low temperatures” said Gillian McFadden of The Doghouse Sanctuary.

“We kept them constantly under the heat lamp and they also had hot water bottles. At one stage they were even put into bowls of warm water and hair-dryed off just to try and get heat into them.

“Honey herself was young, inexperienced, stressed and traumatised. She hadn’t been eating well so she probably wasn’t producing enough milk for the pups. We were handfeeding her and I had been going to Tesco to try and find something that would tempt her to eat.

“In the end I was hand feeding the pups every two hours through the night and hourly during the day. We used milk supplied by the vet which we were heating in the microwave. Every conceivable thing was done to try and help the pups but despite all our efforts and the efforts of the vets at Iveagh Veterinary practice it still didn’t make a difference.

“The veterinary team were absolutely amazing. The pups and their mother had the best medication and care from our vets but sadly it wasn’t enough. One by one they went downhill and we were told it was fading puppy syndrome.

“It’s a very sad time at the sanctuary. We’re just devastated. After all the effort and work we feel distraught.”

Honey, despite the trauma, is making a good recovery.

“She is starting to feel better. We have had her out walking for the first time and she’s eating a little now too.”

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